'Cause in '95 something comes alive...

Todd/Fest West '95

ToddFest/West '95 is history. It occcured on Saturday, September 30, 1995, 1:00 P.M. PDT in Sacramento, California, USA. About 40 folks attended, as was anticipated. Thanks to Steve Lafond for being our "official" photographer. These are the events/attractions we featured:

These items didn't quite make it...

Sep 30, 1995 12:00 PDT
It's PreFest/West! Join us at 1 PM PDT today!
Sep 30, 1995 13:32 PDT
The Fest has begun! A few folks have begun to arrive, we've got Hello People , Bourgeous Tagg and Grand Funk on the turntable. And Nazz and TR on CD!

Stay tuned for more!

Sep 30, 1995 16:40 PDT
The Fest is in full swing now, with Todd rarities in one room and Nearly Human studio video in the other. And now were setting up for the singalong with Kevin Christian, Brett Bayne, Craig Daniel and Rick Friant.

Things couldn't be going better!

Oct 1, 1995 9:24 PDT
Well, ToddFest/West '95 is history, and what history we made! The overwhelming opinion was that this was a great party. We didn't wrap it up until 11:30 PM, and had been going (at least for some of us) since 11:00 AM.

The planned singalong didn't materialize, but we had a great raffle, lots of group Photos (Thanks Steve!) and lots of fun on the Web and playing wth NWO.

Everybody wants to do it again next year, so stay tuned!