'Cause in '95 something came alive...

ToddFest/West '97 is history! This was the Fest's third year, and moments from ToddFest/West '95 (in Sacramento) and ToddFest/West '96 (in Cupertino) are online. It was held on Saturday, August 2, 1997 in Daly City, California. That's in the San Francisco Bay area. Fest organizers were Roger Linder and Debbie Sommer. The Fest host was Bruce Thomas.

Check out a picture of the attendees.

Todd/Fest West Live Reports

Aug 2, 1997 13:56 PDT
A few folks have started to arrive, and we're munching down on goodies already. A great view of the Pacific just outside the yard. Guests from Rhode Island (Randy) and Oregon (Al and Loralee) and we're expecting some from North Carolina, Indiana and Australia.
Aug 2, 1997 15:13 PDT
Wow! The big group is here. Too many to name by name, but we're really starting to cook. Must be over 30 so far and more on the way. Watch for the group photo in a couple of days.

Some old Nazz video inside, the computer's set up in the garage. A big 7 foot Nearly Human poster just went up. Taking some photos now.

Aug 2, 1997 16:56 PDT
More have arrived, playing The I on my Mac. The group shot went great, and maybe in a couple of days you'll see the a-dood grope shot...

We've checked into toddfest on dalnet and efnet a couple of times, but haven't been able to touch bases with you all. There's only the one mac, and we're trying to do a number of things with it, so we're not online all the time.

For those of you asking, JH from NC is not here yet. JH from Boston is.

Time soon for the singalong.

Aug 2, 1997 20:08 PDT
The singalong was great! I've captured 32 MB of it, and it'll be available (some of it) soon online. Right now, we're off to hear Randy Walters play a bit of keyboard. We've been cooking for almost 8 hours and still going strong.

Lots of pictures taken today, watch for them too.

Aug 3, 1997 8:31 PDT
It's the day after, and somewhere I'll bet the Fest is still swinging along, even if only in the minds of those who attended. It certainly visited my dreams last night, and 1998's Fest (tentatively for Antelope, California) can only hope to recapture some of the magic.

Many thanks to Bruce and Kevin, who graciously allowed their house to be invaded by the over 40 TR fans in attendance, and especially my co- host, Debbie Sommer, for doing a great job bringing it all together.

Many are going to Todd's show in Santa Cruz tonight, and some out-of- towners are even going to stick around for the show next weekend. It'll be great to see them all again!