'Cause in '95 something came alive...

... and '98 is gonna be great!

ToddFest/West '98 has come and gone! This was the Fest's fourth year. Check out our previous adventures at ToddFest/West '97 (Daly City), ToddFest/West '96 (Cupertino) and ToddFest/West '95 (Sacramento). Fest organizers are Roger Linder and Debbie Sommer.

ToddFest/West '98 was held on July 11, 1998 in Antelope, California, the birthplace and home of the Todd Rundgren Connection. A gallery of photos is available.

These are the events/attractions we expect to feature:

ToddFest/West '98 Parody Lyrics

ToddFest/West Live Reports

Aug 10, 1998 23:31 PDT

Yes, it's ToddFest Eve, and pre-fest guests are already arriving. Debbie, Lani and Kari are here now. Plenty more tomorrow.

Aug 11, 1998 10:07 PDT
Good morning virtual Festers! Preparations are at a feverish pitch. Well, Debbie is slicing strawberries, Cece's in the shower, I just got out of the pool, and Lani just woke up (Kari is still sleeping), but things should start hopping in a couple of hours.
Aug 11, 1998 14:53 PDT
Lani here. About 30 people are present so far, mingling around the pool and tiki bar, wearing this year's badge and t-shirt, sarongs and viking helmets. TR photos, magazine articles, ticket stubs, album/CD covers, enlarged Todd Fest photos from past three years, all displayed everywhere, flowfazer playing on the big screen.

Gotta go -- it's 94 degrees and the pool awaits!

Wish you were here. Love and aloha,


Aug 11, 1998 16:12 PDT
Come have a virtual bite with us! Chicken and burgers are on the grill. The party is in full swing outside with several in the pool, several sunning on the lawn. A few expected to arrive in a few minutes. Gonna do the group shot thing very soon as well.
Aug 11, 1998 17:58 PDT
Done eating and just made a phone call to John Ferenzik. Classic moment: Larry Tagg (a guest at the Fest) asked John about the $5.15 in phone calls that John charged to the room their last tour together, but Larry got stuck with the bill. Larry expects that check, John!

Look for a new audio project from John later this year!

6:30 PM will be the jam, followed by the Parody Songfest. Keep your lyrics handy!

Aug 11, 1998 21:16 PDT
Can you believe it? The Fest is still going! A few folks have left, but at this rate, we'll still be going for another couple of hours! A great Parody Singfest, and the Jam was phenomenal. And we capped it off with a special ToddFest/West '98 mix of "La Feel Internationale" from Randy Walters (appearing via CD), destined for the awizard AWATS tribute.

So you missed it this year? How about next year at TFW '99 in Oakland, California?

And make your plans also for T2K, ToddFest/West 2000 in Campbell, California.

Aug 12, 1998 0:50 PDT
ToddFest/West '98 is over! And it was incredible! Cece and I are finishing up some cleanup before we go to bed. I know the Fester's that are staying in town tonight are still at it, and that they had a great time. Thanks to everyone who participated, both in person and virtually. See you next year!