'Cause in '95 something came alive...

... and '99 is gonna be fine!

Official ToddFest/West '99 poster
by Randy Walters

Sacramento Cupertino
ToddFest/West '99 will be held in Oakland, California, on August 14, 1999. Some great times are in store for this, the Fest's 5th year. Check out our previous adventures at ToddFest/West '98 (Antelope), ToddFest/West '97 (Daly City), ToddFest/West '96 (Cupertino) and ToddFest/West '95 (Sacramento). Fest organizers are Roger Linder and Debbie Sommer. Fest host for 1999 is John Hanavan.
Daly City Antelope

ToddFest/West '99 Parody Lyrics

by John Heslin, Ron Hromoko and Kurt Scheinpflug
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