'Cause in '95 something came alive...

... and T2K is gonna be OK!
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ToddFest/West 2000 will be held in Campbell, California, on August 26, 2000. Check out our previous adventures at ToddFest/West '99 (Oakland), ToddFest/West '98 (Antelope), ToddFest/West '97 (Daly City), ToddFest/West '96 (Cupertino) and ToddFest/West '95 (Sacramento). Fest organizers are Roger Linder and Debbie Sommer. Fest hosts for 2000 are Steve and Kim Lafond.
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The ToddFest/West 2000 Photo Gallery is also open for your enjoyment.

ToddFest/West 2000 Parody Lyrics

by John Heslin, Ron Hromoko and Kurt Scheinpflug
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Sep 26, 2000 9:24 PDT
Greetings to all who will be at ToddFest/West 2000, and those who will be with us in spirit. I'm about to hit the road for the 2 hour trip to Campbell, and will see you then!

-- Roger

Sep 26, 2000 14:01 PDT
The ToddFest is under way. Aboout 10-15 people here so far, Mike Stroup, Lisa Beard, Lani Hanson, Ronel Kelmen, Cece, Brad and Roger, Steve, Kim and Korie, Debbie Sommer, Debbie Baratz and Ann Angel, plus a few more that I've already forgotten their names. Food is ready to eat, music is playing, videos are playing. Fun is happening.

Sep 26, 2000 15:51 PDT
The Tiki Bar is open. Romotinis are being shaken (not stirred) as I type. We'll have one for you.

Sep 26, 2000 17:38 PDT
No live photos this year, but wait a coulple of days and we should have some great ones.

A classic Parody show, wait 'till you see the pics!

Sep 26, 2000 19:02 PDT
the smell is getting worse.

people are walking with a languishing swagger. i've been summoned to the Romotini bar more than thrice thus far.

those parody guys are idiots.

the hosts are gracious bay area residents. thanks to them for opening their private space to our secret society.

back to the bar.. romo

Sep 26, 2000 20:24 PDT
The fest has gotten into an evening groove, with some mellowing down. We are about ready to play a name-that-todd-tune game that Romo cooked up on his computer.

In the meantime, coconuts are being opened for the hell of it (according to SOB)

Sep 26, 2000 21:15 PDT
Name that tune results:

Carol - 2
John H. - 3
Debbie B. - 0
Ed V - 1
Tory - -4
Kurt - 10
Ray - -1
Lani - 4
Karen - -3
Pam - -2
Kim - -1
John G - 0
Roger - 3

Kurt was declared the winner. Minus point wer given if you gave the wrong answer.

Sep 26, 2000 21:27 PDT
At sunset, Steve and TikiGirl set up and lit tiki torches all around the back yard and at the Romo-tini bar. Mango-tini's -- yum!

Ed's crackin' open coconuts and slicing up the meat for munchies.

SOB's opening a can of SPAM...

Wendy Block baked a guitar-shaped cake and decorated it with "Foamy Blue" frosting. Ray, Ed, and Steve are blowing out candles to celebrate their birthdays this week. Lani

Sep 26, 2000 21:38 PDT
The grill is cold now, but earlier we cooked up garlic cheeseburgers, with grilled onions and portabello mushrooms, chicken breasts, steak Kababs, and corn-on-the-cob. On the buffet table were: many salads, chips and dips, deviled eggs, papayas, mangoes, coconuts, tofu/TVP vegetable soup, etc, etc.

John Heslin was last sighted looking for the recipe for Todd's SPAM Risotto featured on "The Hip-Hop Chef" ... TikiGirl

Sep 26, 2000 21:48 PDT
Yesterday Todd sent his regards to the addendees:

"Party on, Everybody!"

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