'Cause in '95 something came alive...

... and T2K is gonna be OK!
Sacramento Cupertino Daly City
ToddFest/West 2000 will be held in Campbell, California, on August 26, 2000. Check out our previous adventures at ToddFest/West '99 (Oakland), ToddFest/West '98 (Antelope), ToddFest/West '97 (Daly City), ToddFest/West '96 (Cupertino) and ToddFest/West '95 (Sacramento). Fest organizers are Roger Linder and Debbie Sommer. Fest hosts for 2000 are Steve and Kim Lafond.
Antelope Oakland

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ToddFest/West 2000 Parody Lyrics

by John Heslin, Ron Hromoko and Kurt Scheinpflug
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