ToddFest/West 2002
Artwork by Randy Walters
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ToddFest/West is an annual gathering of Todd Rundgren fans that is held in Northern California. This year's Fest is scheduled for July 27, 2002, in Antelope, California. Check out our previous adventures at ToddFest/West 2001 (Ben Lomond), ToddFest/West 2000 (Campbell), ToddFest/West '99 (Oakland), ToddFest/West '98 (Antelope), ToddFest/West '97 (Daly City), ToddFest/West '96 (Cupertino) and ToddFest/West '95 (Sacramento). Fest organizers are Roger Linder and Debbie Sommer. Fest hosts for 2002 are Roger and Cece Linder.
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By Ron Hromoko, Kurt Scheinpflug and John Heslin
(18+ recommended for these ones...) And as a tribute to our missing comrade, John Heslinwistle...
Aug 26, 2002 20:23 PDT
216 cans of soda pop, 42 liters of bottled water and 100 lbs. of ice await the festers. Good thing, too, because temperatures are expected to rise to 101 during the day! Of course, several thousand gallons of cool water fill the pool! It should get some use...

Aug 27, 2002 11:41 PDT
The fest has begun. About 10 folks here so far. It is hot, but lots of cool beverages are available.

Aug 27, 2002 15:18 PDT
Sorry for the long delay between updates. We are having WAY too much fun.

Received a call from Kasim in Ireland, a big hit with the crowd. However, a neglected grill during the call produced what we are now calling "Kasim burgers."

Craig Vreeken has been using this room as a studio all afternoon for a recording session of "Just One Victory". We just finished the group overdub. A lot of fun.

Mr. Larry Tagg is a special guest here today.

I'm taking a break from working the grill and off to my pool for a few before we convene again for the Parody Songs.

Aug 27, 2002 16:07 PDT
We are soon to do the parody songs. Another report post-session

Aug 27, 2002 17:35 PDT
Just spoke with Roger Powell for 30 minutes on the phone and the crowd went crazy. Thanks Roger!

Aug 27, 2002 18:14 PDT
We're watching the Live in SF DVD. It's so cool, because many of us are in the audience.

Aug 27, 2002 18:18 PDT
7 hours and counting, and still about 30 folks here.

Aug 27, 2002 21:08 PDT
The last of the diehards are leaving. Now it's off to the after-party party...

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