by Kurt Scheinpflug and John Heslin
60 on the planet
Arena's now complete
All the Toddstock fans are finally gone
Now it's time to sell some seats

The economy tumbled
Finance in trouble
Mortgage club a gamble
Hope I don't get fondled

What is the reason we're playing in this dive?
Tiny stage and muddled sound
In minivans we drive

Time to gripe (GRIPE!) deli platter rots
Time to gripe (GRIPE!) the promotion's shot
Time to gripe (GRIPE!) cuz the amp is "hot"
Time to gripe (GRIPE!) someone pass the pot

No one can buy the record
No lyrics known by fans
Everybody thinks HiFi can't be right
Dismiss them out of hand

Distribution was bumbled
Better check Barnes and Noble
Sale numbers so humble
Online they all grumble

You spend an hour waiting there in line
Alert the lists and forum chats
Don't take this lying down

Time to gripe (GRIPE!) HiFi ain't done squat
Time to gripe (GRIPE!) MySpace sucks a lot
Time to gripe (GRIPE!) Hello It's Me it's NOT
Time to gripe (GRIPE!) fat chick stole my spot