by Kurt Scheinpflug and John Heslin
They're flying into Hopkins, nostalgia fans will fawn
Say goodbye to Foamy, Arena gigs are gone
Stretch into some old spandex, polychromatic hair
The sax man then begins to rant, faux hawks are everywhere

You want an AWATS gig 
You'll get an AWATS gig
Just like Todd's myspace said, premiere at the Akron gig.

Another gig for Prairie, Greg Hawkes has made the cut
Nothing really shocking, Cas is such a slut
A bit of Jesse's guitar, and Powell's back in place
A little pessimistic, the words might be defaced

You want an AWATS gig
You'll get an AWATS gig
A cultural event, not just another Akron gig

Doug Doug Doug, he's the host of Run Run Rundgren Radio
Soft voice on Blog Talk chafes me
Like in my teen years, listening to an AM station
Crushed by Dougie again, Liz no longer his friend
Type from your seat, watch what you tweet
Then Cruiser Mel will ask you how you do your laundry
Where the hell is romo?  ro ro romo, he's nowhere near the Akron gig
Nowhere near the Akron gig