by Kurt Scheinpflug and John Heslin
parody of Can We Still Be Friends/I Saw The Light/Hello It's Me
Can't you play guitar like before?
WTF Rundgren?
Think I might just walk out the door
WTF Rundgren?
For real playing we yearn
Your old fans want the songs they've earned
Prairie's kit, lose the pads
Let Jesse shred it, come on!
Let's omit that whole backing tape
WTF Rundgren?
Dub Step makes my nerves start to shake
WTF Rundgren?
Don't estrange those who care
Just because we lost all our hair
Leisure Suits, Wings and Skirts
We've dressed like shit together
La La La La/WTF Rundgren
We are sorry to scream
It's that STATE is just so extreme
Classic songs bring ‘em on
Play us that neat New Cars Song!
La La La La/WTF Rundgren
Didn't know my fans were so uptight
Is there not a dancing fool in sight?
All subdued, all subdued, all subdued, all subdued
Still I geeked along
Droppin' dance beats that were so damn strong
And a lazer show for every song, just for you
Through the haze you saw me, but I don't understand your pleas
When there's no delight in your eyes
Though my back does sting
I ain't ever gonna scratch a gig
I'll keep singing in the mic that hangs overhead
Now I got some fun
For those fans who clamor for the "ones"
Yeah, you won't believe what I have done, it's so raaaaaaad
OK gang just for you
Here's the medley for which you'll drool
Still there's no delight in your eyes
But I give my best
If it's not your thing, go home and rest
No, you know I don't play no requests
You're surprised?
There's a greatest hits tour, until then you should hit the door
If there's no delight in your eyes
Todd fan party
Last night at Fillmore, such a long, long line
Maybe we drank too much or hit that bong
That Skrillex vibe, it is my favorite song
Maybe I'll post a rave review @TRConn
Frisked us through
Then danced all night til our knees and back were through
Our butts weren't planted in a folding chair
We raised our arms for Party Liquor cheer
Even danced and swayed to golden oldies too
Let the freak in you free, onto Todd Fest one three
Also known to some as Rogerstock 60
There's Cece!
The very spot where Larry Tagg once stood
Let's play some cover songs, that one by Weil
Or [re]Productions done in DJ style
And Todd & Daryl, those songs are always good
Don Covay with those other doods
The Harry Smith stuff, I don't think we should
Friggin' frogs, Wilner misunderstood
Bonnie Tyler is surprisingly good
And Condomania to protect your wood