ToddFest/West 2019

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ToddFest/West is an annual gathering of Todd Rundgren fans that is held in Northern California.

ToddFest/West 2019 is happening Saturday, May 11, 2019 and is hosted this year by Jim and Cassie McGraw at their home in San Carlos, CA. ToddFest/West was founded by Debbie Sommer and Roger Linder in 1995 and this is its 19th incarnation.

The Fest is a potluck and we are asking $10 for all attendees to cover the cost of additional food. It's an all day event beginning at 1:00 PM.

To help with planning, please RSVP to and include the names of all attendees. RSVPs received by April 30, 2019 will receive the legendary personalized laminates.

Hope to see you at the Fest!

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